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Environmental Justice

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All forms of environmental justice encompass an issue of social justice. The recognition of this principle is fundamental to understand that environmental justice, as traditionally known in the United States, or climate justice at a global scale, is not only about addressing the disproportionate negative impacts of climate change and other environmental problems in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPoC) and underserved communities, but it also entails the unequal distribution/access to the benefits of nature.


At Stanford

  • The Environmental Justice Working Group (EJWG) at Stanford is an intergenerational collective working to embed environmental justice into our research, teaching, and community-engagement at Stanford.  

EJ Mapping Tools

The following tools allow you to correlate environmental to demographic indicators. 

  • EJSCREEN- EPAs environmental justice mapping and screening tool that combines environmental and demographic indicators.
  • EJ Atlas- Global atlas of social conflict around environmental issues
  • Energy Justice Network- Existing, proposed, closed and defeated dirty energy and waste facilities in the United States.

External EJ Organizations