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Applying science to policy

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Chloe Koseff
Photo courtesy of Chloe Koseff

Chloe Koseff

BS ’16 MS ‘17
Earth Systems

February 24, 2021

“Avoiding the worst impacts of climate change is going to take a huge mobilization at every level of government,” said Chloe Koseff, BS ’16, MS ’17.

“In my role, I'm helping to guide and put pressure on Congress to pass legislation that can leverage the assets of the federal government to decarbonize every part of our economy and reduce pollution.”

Koseff is a policy analyst with the National Audubon Society, an environmental nonprofit dedicated to protecting birds and their habitats. Koseff’s work on the climate team helps to advance solutions at the federal level. On a day-to-day basis, she can be found reading and analyzing bills related to climate mitigation, meeting with Congressional staff and other partners to talk through policies, and working to improve and advance strategies that would result in emissions reductions.

Koseff said her Earth Systems education helped her become comfortable with the breadth of knowledge required of her role as a political analyst. “The Earth Systems curriculum encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone into classes that tackled law, policy, and governance,” she said. “It was sitting in those classes, learning about the far-reaching implications of our system of laws, that I realized that my interest was in policy – and that my science background could be a huge asset.”