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From conservation to academia

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Cassandra Brooks in the field
Photo credit: Christina Riesselman

Cassandra Brooks

PhD '17, Assistant Professor
University of Colorado Boulder

October 18, 2017

Before participating in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources, Cassandra Brooks, PhD ’17, had researched global fisheries, led ocean conservation advocacy work, and helped produce a documentary about Antarctica called The Last Ocean. “I knew the science and how the science could inform management, I knew how to engage with the public, but I didn’t know the policy piece. How can you direct efforts if you don’t know how decisions are made?”

Now, she is taking her passion for conservation and teaching to the next level as an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. “I’m excited to continue the work I’ve been doing and teach the next generation of students about our environmental problems.” Brooks credits her participation in the E-IPER program with leading her to a career that makes the most of her interdisciplinary background. The only PhD program she applied to, E-IPER allowed her to focus on filling her knowledge gaps in economics and data analysis in order to solve the problem at hand. “I’ve always followed my passion, and that can take you a long way. Doing a PhD is a really long haul, and if you’re not deeply driven to do it, you won’t have the endurance to see those projects through.” Brooks is pictured conducting research in Antarctica.