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Jake Young contemplates Desolation Wilderness

Funding priorities

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The school’s impact will emerge from bringing the deep domain expertise of faculty together with the creativity of top students and the specialized knowledge of external partners to catalyze new knowledge and accelerate solutions.

Philanthropy will play a critical role in this effort by providing support in these high priority areas, many of which are eligible for matching through the Sustainability Matching Program.

Annual Giving

Making Immediate Impact
Annual gifts are a crucial source of unrestricted funding that allows the school to support its greatest needs.

See gift opportunity for annual giving
phytoplankton aerial. Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Photo banner at the top of this page: Jake Young contemplates the Crystal Range, tucked away in Tahoe's Desolation Wilderness. Photo by Nahla Gedeon Achi.

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Greg Gamble
Senior Director of Development