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Deliberative Polling

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Deliberative Polling conversations are structured around a set of proposals having to do with the school's design and areas of scholarship. Before the event, participants fill out a survey relating to the those proposals. They then meet and discuss the issues in small, moderated groups and draw up questions for a panel. After the event, participants fill out the same survey as a way of capturing changes in attitudes.

Deliberative Polling was developed by James Fishkin, professor of communication and Director of the Center for Deliberative Democracy, as a way of gathering informed opinions from a representative sample of people.

Faculty deliberative polling

On January 30 & 31, 2021, more than 200 faculty members met online as part of a deliberative polling event to gather feedback on questions relating to the design of the new school. Those faculty — representing all seven schools and SLAC — provided feedback that will be integrated into proposals for how the new school will infuse sustainability into the lives of all students, inspire collaborations across the university, create departments that will flourish now and in the future, and other questions relating to the structure and function of the new school.

Student deliberative polling

On May 8, 2021 nearly 200 students met in a deliberative polling event to discuss proposals developed in conjunction with a student committee for the new school.