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Amplifying voices

Claire Miles
Photo credit: Toni Bird

Claire Miles

BS '17, MS '18
Earth Systems Program

“Until I got to high school, I was the only black person,” said Claire Miles, BS ’17, MS ’18 an Earth systems major from Newtown, Connecticut. “A lot of people experience the same things that I do and yet, a lot of stories aren't told that should be told.” Depicting peoples’ lives through the lens of a camera helps Miles make connections that don’t always come across in the classroom.

As an Earth systems undergraduate advisor, she created a legacy project that links her interests in art and diversity. Named after the popular Humans of New York social media campaign, Humans of Earth Systems highlights the diversity of the interdisciplinary program’s undergraduate students. “When I got my first DSLR camera, I really focused on trying to look at things from a new perspective,” she said. “The purpose of Humans of Earth Systems is to amplify the voices of people whose voices are historically suppressed – or to just highlight parts of people that may not always be seen. I feel like it's empowering them, in a way.”

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