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Report lays out a path to collaborative climate solutions

The federal Commission on Accelerating Climate Action, co-chaired by Stanford ecologist and climate scientist Chris Field, calls for organizations to work together to achieve climate goals and accelerate adaptation with new recommendations.

Credit: Josh Bauer / NREL

Climate change is too complex a challenge for any organization or discipline to tackle on its own. That’s why a federal commission of leaders and experts in areas ranging from the arts and religion to science and public health recently outlined recommendations for corporations, frontline communities, government, and environmental groups to work together to mobilize investments, build infrastructure, reduce emissions, and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Co-chaired by Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Director Chris Field with Mustafa Santiago Ali of the National Wildlife Federation, David G. Victor of University of California, San Diego and the Brookings Institution, and Patricia Vincent-Collawn of PNM Resources, the commission was formed in 2021 by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

“To accelerate progress on tackling climate change, we need to start by addressing the concerns of real people in everyday settings," Field said. "The key to progress is a fair bargain, where everyone sees their interests reflected.”

The group’s Oct. 24 report, Forging Climate Solutions: How to Accelerate Action Across America, provides guidance on five strategies for “building and maintaining a broad, durable coalition for accelerated action that reduces emissions, promotes adaptation, and advances the interests of frontline communities.”

  • Prioritize Equity, Fairness, and Justice in Climate Action
  • Engage and Educate Across Diverse Communities
  • Mobilize Investment
  • Deploy Diverse Options for Controlling Emissions
  • Ensure Adaptation at All Levels of Society

Learn more about the project from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Explore the full report.

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