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Sharing science stories

Carolyn Rice
(Photo credit: Ariana Rollins)

Carolyn Rice

BS ’19, MA ‘19
Earth Systems Program

When Carolyn Rice, BS ’19, MA ’19, first arrived on campus, she thought she would study biology or bioengineering. But her desire to apply that same science to environmental problems, to be outside and to study abroad drove her toward the Earth Systems Program. “I loved that Earth systems included so much science that was applicable anywhere I went. Through it, I learned to think about problems in interdisciplinary ways. After all, environmental issues are human issues.”

Not only did Rice study abroad in Paris and Australia – she also spent a quarter at Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, Calif. “We learned about marine ecosystems in classrooms that overlook Monterey Bay, and we walked down to the tidepools to see them firsthand. I am so grateful to have had that kind of experiential learning.”

Rice loves sharing science with others, which led her to complete an MA in the Earth Systems, Environmental Communication Program. “I get to talk to people. I get to write stories. It’s been very useful to have a science background because I understand how an issue like climate change happens. My master’s has helped me to understand how to talk to people about that science.”

As her next step following graduation, Rice will be moving to Sitka, Alaska for a Public Lands Communications Fellowship with the US Forest Service and the Sitka Conservation Society. There, she will be working to increase public awareness of conservation efforts in the Tongass National Forest.

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