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Sustainability in practice

Jackie Huddle
Huddle is pictured in front of Memorial Church in the Stanford Quad. (Photo credit: Andy Meislin)

Jackie Huddle

MA '18
Sustainability Science & Practice (SUST)

As the Social & Environmental Responsibility Program Coordinator at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jackie Huddle, Stanford Earth Sustainability Science & Practice (SUST) MA ’18, focuses on ethical mineral sourcing and social compliance at the company’s manufacturing sites. "As a large downstream consumer of minerals like gold and tin, I believe the tech industry has both the opportunity and responsibility to not only mitigate the negative impacts associated with sourcing raw materials, but also improve social and environmental conditions throughout its supply chain."

Jackie Huddle laid the foundation for her role at Hewlett Packard Enterprise by taking coursework in human rights, business transparency and ethical supply chains while enrolled in the SUST coterminal master’s program, which is open to current undergraduate students at Stanford. For more information about the program, visit

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