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These guys do not mess around

Patrick O'Hare
(Photo credit: Ryan Fong Jae, '19)

Patrick O'Hare

History '17
Geological Sciences Minor

Walking into his first geology class freshman year with Professor Gail Mahood, Patrick O’Hare, ’17, remembers thinking, “These guys do not mess around” – and also, how friendly everybody was in the 12-person class. A history major and geological sciences minor, O’Hare enjoyed both disciplines as “exercises in taking a fragmented record to analyze a time period.”

Historians and geologists both construct narratives, he noted, whether through piecing together journals, interviews, or other primary or secondary sources, or looking at a wall of rocks at the Grand Canyon. Post-graduation, O’Hare is preparing to take the LSAT and hopes to put his narrative-building skills to use as a lawyer, perhaps in oil, gas, and mining law.

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