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Welcome to the new academic year

Dean Arun Majumdar shares a welcome message for students and postdocs and shares resources for getting involved.

Dear SDSS students and postdocs,

With the new academic year underway, it’s my great pleasure to offer my greetings and wish you all the best for a healthy and successful term. 

Arun Majumdar

I’d like to welcome all our new students and postdocs. Among the new students this term is the very first cohort to participate in our Oceans Department’s doctoral program. This important initiative — focused on the complex social, economic, political, and scientific challenges facing the world’s oceans — epitomizes the essential education, research, and impact happening across the school.

In addition to the teams of faculty and staff working to support you in a variety of ways, I wanted to be sure to introduce two individuals who will be important resources over the course of the academic term: 

  • Alyssa Ferree serves as assistant dean for student and postdoctoral affairs and 
  • Lupe Carrillo serves as director of the school’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

I also hope that you will consider ways to be involved in the work of school, such as: 

If you know fellow students interested in studying sustainability topics but are currently not engaged in any of our courses or programs, I invite you to share about our unique course offerings that satisfy a variety of undergraduate degree requirements.

As students and scholars at the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, you are part of a unique institution built on a bold vision to address the defining challenge and opportunity of our time. Our ambition arises from two fundamental factors: first, the urgency and magnitude of the challenge posed by climate and sustainability, and second, an appreciation of the talents, expertise, and commitment of our students, faculty, and staff. Thank you for your many efforts to gain and foster the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the world we live in and find solutions.

Again, I wish you a healthy and successful year and look forward to seeing you around campus.


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