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Peer Advisors

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Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability Peer Advisors build undergraduate community within the school, creating educational programs and social events for students. Additionally, they help advise current and prospective students about opportunities within the school.

Brian Amaro  -  Geophysics

Brian Amaro

Brian is a senior studying geophysics with a minor in political science and coterming in computer science. Hailing from the rolling piedmont of Johns Creek, Georgia, he first became interested in the earth sciences through high school competitions such as Science Olympiad. His current academic interests revolve around applying machine learning techniques to understand the physical world around him. During his time at Stanford, he has done research with the Stanford Radio Glaciology lab and the Stanford Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Lab. In his free time, he likes to play games of all sorts from Super Smash to cards to spikeball.

Chloe Cheng  -  Geophysics

Chloe Cheng

Hello! I’m Chloe, an earth science enthusiast from Los Angeles who arrived at Stanford knowing I wanted to pursue the geosciences while not at all knowing how. Since then I’ve been taking classes that brought me to bluffs over the ocean and practicing public speaking, investigating Antarctic water flow in the radioglaciology group, putting together exhibits of meteorites and fossils, and meeting some of the most grounded people I know. Come chat with me about not only what the academic journey can look like but anything from campus birds to landscape drawing.

Chris Noll  -  EPS

Chris Noll

Chris is a co-term from Burlingame, California majoring in Geological Sciences and minoring in Mathematical and Computational Science. He enjoys learning about renewable energy buildout, geothermal energy, and paleontology. On campus, Chris has participated in the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, Stanford Energy Club, Bechtel International Center’s SIB Mentorship Program, and Stanford’s Scope 3 Student Working Group. In his free time, he enjoys listening to podcasts, tracking the green transition, and learning about geopolitics!


Johanna Flodin  -  EPS

Johanna is a junior majoring in Earth and Planetary Sciences and minoring in Biology and is a new undergraduate student peer advisor for the EPS department. She is very excited about showing other students the beauty and intrigue of geologic sciences has fallen in love with the departments welcoming community of undergrads, graduate students, and professors alike. She found her love for geology and ecology while working on a research project on mangroves in high school and hopes to foster her interest in the intersection between biologic and geologic systems in future graduate schooling. Come chat to her about anything biology or geology and how the EPS community can better support you!