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Peer Wellness Liaisons

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Meet your peer wellness liaisons

The Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability peer wellness liaisons are a team of graduate students who leverage peer connections to make campus resources more accessible and reduce misconceptions around mental health.
They also coordinate workshops focused on topics such as resiliency, stress management, and recognition of depression. Student liaisons are not mental health counselors. Their role is to direct fellow students to existing resources and facilitate meaningful dialogue, skill-building, and habit formation related to mental health in our community.

Adrian A. Wackett

Pronouns: he/him/his
Department: Earth and Planetary Sciences
Research Interests: Soils, geomorphology, biogeochemistry

Adrian's Affirmations

I love anything and everything that gets me outside: hiking, biking, paddling, surfing. Soils, food and music (and more) bring me joy!

Anoushka Raj

Pronouns: she/her
Department: CEE
Research Interests: Environmental Justice and Policy

Anoushka's Affirmations

Something that brings me joy: reading by the beach
Something fun about me: I love whales!

Erica McCormick

Pronouns: she/they

Department: Earth System Science Research

Interests: Ecohydrology, forest drought resilience, remote sensing


Erica McCormick's Affirmations

Something that brings me joy: Being outside with my dog Ellie and making art with almost anything (ceramics, yarn, cloth, bluegrass instruments, the list goes on...) 

Something I love to give: Home-brewed beer and snuggles with my pup

Erin Hirsch

Pronouns: she/her
Department: Sustainability Science and Practice
Research Interests: Systems Level Change & Leveraging Decision Making for Change

Erin's Affirmations

Something that brings me joy: cooking meals to bring my friends and family together
Favorite self-care practices: walks around campus, yoga, treating myself to boba

Guido Di Federico

  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Department: Energy Science and Engineering
  • Research Interests: Subsurface flow simulation

Guido's Affirmations

  • Something that brings you joy: Skiing
  • Favorite self-care practices: Cinema & old movies

Jessica Bullington

Pronouns: she/her
Department: Earth System Science PhD
Research Interests: Environmental microbiology

Jessica's Affirmations

I enjoy scuba diving and spilling the tea over boba. You can find me on the trails with my husky pup Odin.

Leon Mario Rosario de Souza

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Department: Civil Engineering/Sustainable Design and Construction
Research Interests: I am currently enrolled in the Sustainable Design and Construction program, with a specialization in Management. My passion lies in contributing to the Infrastructure and Transportation sectors, where I am eager to apply my academic knowledge and skills.

Leon's Affirmations

I really enjoy being part of Stanford's dance scene and making friends with people from different backgrounds. What I'd love to give to my Stanford community, and any situation I find myself in, is my keen ability to read between the lines and understand the nuances at play. This skill not only makes me feel competent but also allows me to be my most authentic self. When I need to unwind, a night of dancing is my go-to; it's where I can totally be myself and have fun.

Leona Neftaliem

Pronouns: she/her
Department: E-IPER
Research Interests: Urban forestry

Leona's Affirmations

Something that brings you joy
: Birthday celebrations!
Favorite self-care practices: Affirmations, meditation, mid-day walks, and smiling at strangers 

Matthew J. Mettias

Pronouns: he/him
Department: Sustainability Science
Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Conservationism

Matthew's Affirmations

Something that brings you joy:  A morning cup of coffee
Something you love to give: Thoughtfulness in any form
Something that makes you feel competent: Sharing multimedia art with friends + Poetry writing w/ Spoken Word Collective!
Something that makes you feel most like yourself: Chatting one-on-one w/ people I've grown to trust + a genuine hug from a friend
Something that makes you special: Born & raised in Hawai'i -- foodie knowledge
Something that you're proud of: Graduating from Stanford University
Favorite self-care practices: Long walks by the beach, playing any scrimmage-type sport

2 'Fun' Facts:
- (1.) I love when people seek to understand the 'What I truly think's' in our conversation  💭 ; collaborating to reach common understanding of thought, academic or otherwise, brings me genuine joy
- (2.) I had a chihuahua named 'Buddy' who will always be near & dear to my heart 💜 "

Nik Leuenberger

  • Pronouns: he / him
  • Department: Energy Science and Engineering / PhD in Energy Resources Engineering
  • Research Interests: Numerical modeling and simulation of battery systems at the microscale

Nik's Affirmations

  • Something that brings me joy: being with family or friends and watch sports on TV or go out to a restaurant
  • Something I love to give: helping others if they have questions in courses that we take together, trying to make others laugh
  • Favorite self-care practices: to treat myself from time to time with good coffee, a shopping tour, if I feel it's too much - I rely on meditation to calm me down and recover

Quinn Mitsuko Parker

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Department: Oceans PhD
Research Interests: Equity in Fisheries Governance, Blue Foods

Quinn's Affirmations

Some things that bring me joy: Being outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, cats, and staring at the ocean! 
Favorite self-care practices: Connecting with friends and family, coffee and a good book, journaling

Ryan O'Connor

Pronouns: he/him
Department: E-IPER
Research Interests: Participatory Methods in Ocean Sciences

Ryan's Affirmations

Something that makes me feel most like myself: Being in/on/around the ocean
Favorite self-care practices: Yoga, meditation, breathing work
Something I love to give: I love baking for others!

Sam Bachand

Pronouns: she/her
Department: Oceans
Research Interests: Environmental microbiology

Sam's Affirmations

I love fiber arts, especially crochet and embroidery. My go-to self-care practice is spending time outdoors.

Sierra Castaneda

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Department: Earth Systems Science
Research Interests: Human-Envrionment Interactions/Food Systems

Sierra's Affirmations

Something that brings you joy: Running and/or cooking with friends and loved ones! Coffee shops! Farmers Markets! Lots of little things :)
Something that makes you feel special: When people that I care about come to me for advice about something that I am really passionate about, or feeling heard by those around me.
Favorite self-care practices:yoga, meditating, writing poetry, FaceTiming my family.

Timmy Lui

Pronouns: he/they
Department: Geological Sciences PhD
Research Interests: Data Science in Geosciences

Timmy Lui's Affirmations

I love to journal as a way to process my emotions and reflect on tough times. I love playing beach volleyball because it gets my heart rate going and allows me to express my competitive side. I love to be creative in many ways, whether it be singing while I bike, doing small art projects, or doodling!