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Greg Beroza

Wayne Loel Professor of Earth Science
My interest is in analyzing seismograms to understand how earthquakes work and to quantify the hazards they pose. My research group studies earthquake source processes for shallow earthquakes, intermediate-depth earthquakes, induced earthquakes, and slow earthquakes. We are working to improve earthquake monitoring in all settings by applying data mining and machine learning techniques to large volumes of continuous seismic waveform data. We also work on methods to anticipate the strength of shaking in earthquakes using the ambient seismic field (seismic waves present in the Earth at all times). We use these ambient field measurements to image shallow structure and also to construct "virtual earthquakes" that can be used to anticipate variations in the strength of shaking in real earthquakes. For the past 12 years I have been Deputy-Director/Co-Director of the Southern California Earthquake Center


Ph.D, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Geophysics (1989)
B.S., University of California at Santa Cruz, Geophysics (1982)


(650) 723-4958
(650) 723-4958