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Rosemary Knight

The George L. Harrington Professor, Professor of Geophysics and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment
I am working with my research group to find innovative ways of using geophysical methods to understand the hydrologic processes occurring in the top kilometer of Earth. In 1985 I coined a term to describe this work, “hydrogeophysics” - a sub-discipline that has grown dramatically over the past 30 years. A current focus of my group is the integration of geophysical imaging with remote sensing data for the evaluation and management of groundwater resources; this research is being done in partnerships with groundwater managers in the western U.S. Using laboratory and field experiments, and computer modeling, we are developing new methods for acquiring, processing, and interpreting geophysical data; and discovering new links between our geophysical images, and hydrologic properties and processes


Ph.D., Stanford University, Geophysics (1985)
M.S., Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario Canada, Geological Sciences (1978)
B.S., Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario Canada, Geological Sciences (1976)


(650) 736-1487
(650) 736-1487
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