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Sarah Billington

UPS Foundation Professor and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment
My research program focuses on the impact of building design and materials on human wellbeing. This work includes developing design tools to quantify nature experience in buildings, understanding and increasing wellbeing in and through affordable housing, and identifying the risk of forced labor in building material supply chains through fingerprinting and AI methods. The goal of my research program is to provide building occupants, designers, and owners tools to achieve built environments that meet their needs and to design interventions that support human wellbeing over time while preserving privacy. While no longer active in this area, my group has a long history of expertise in the design and evaluation of sustainable, durable construction materials including bio-based composites and ductile cement-based composites.


PhD, University of Texas at Austin, Structural Engineering (1997)
MSE, University of Texas at Austin, Structural Engineering (1994)
BSE, Princeton University, Civil Engineering & Operations Research (1990)


(650) 723-3921
(650) 723-3921
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