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Creating more inclusive spaces in academia

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The academia has been characterized as an “ivory tower” because of its elitism and disconnection with the reality of many communities around the world. In the case of the geosciences, it has been a discipline dominated by White males. This lack of racial/ethnic and gender diversity resulted in many cases in an unwelcoming environment. In order to transform the geosciences it is necessary that all its members act at an individual and collective levels to embrace the values of equity and inclusion necessary to create a sense of belonging for everyone.

Examine your own bias

The first step towards embracing and enacting the values of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion is to recognize our personal biases, which many times remain hidden or unconscious. The following resources are meant to understand how bias and prejudice might limit the creation of more inclusive spaces:

How to create inclusive spaces?


Aggregated Resources from the Geoscience community and Societies