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Meet the DEI team

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Meet the people who are making this work a priority for Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability.

Meet our DEI office

Tina Wu

Assistant Director for Diversity Recruitment and University Partnerships

Student & postdoc DEI liaisons

A program to support leader students and postdoctoral researchers to expand DEI opportunities in their departments/programs. 

Meet our DEI Liaisons

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability Excellence in DEI Award

If you work, advise, or study with someone who regularly go above and beyond what is expected to create a more inclusive, just, and welcoming community, you can nominate them for an Excellence in DEI award!

Learn more about eligibility and nomination criteria

DEI councils

The DEI councils are established as a platform for advocacy and partnership-building to address and strengthen Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the school community.

The Councils consist of two related entities – the Advisory and the Governance Council, each one fulfilling different functions and yet overlapping to collaboratively direct the School towards its DEI goals. The overarching roles of the Councils are to (1) provide a voice to the members of our community at the grassroots; (2) act as change agents for and within the School and (3) help institutionalize practices that support and accelerate DEI initiatives.

DEI Advisory Council members

This council acts as an ear to the ground and has a finger on the community's pulse to: Identify inclusion needs, share resources with the broader community, suggest programming, and be a local advocate.  

Graduate students

  • Alexis Monae Wilson 
  • Amina Ly
  • Matt Lees 
  • Rosie Ries 


  • Camille Pagniello
  • Pedro Manuel Monarrez 


  • Paula V Welander 
  • Ines M. Azevedo 
  • Krish Seetah 
  • Rodolfo Dirzo 
  • Sonia M. Tikoo 
  • Jef Karel Caers 
  • Kate Maher 


  • Ai Le Tran 
  • Alyssa Ferree
  • Kassie Sharp
  • Paula M Wetzel 
  • Nan Hwa Aoki 
  • Bianca Dilip Patel
  • Amy L Balsom 
  • Morgan Diamond 

DEI Governance Council members

This council implements the mission and values of the DEI action plan and engages with the advisory council to: Track progress & metrics, allocate resources, determine awards, and uphold a respectful and inclusive behavior policy.

  • Paula Welander, Associate Dean for DEI 
  • Lupe Carrillo, Director of DEI
  • Amy Balsom, Senior Associate Dean
  • Sue Crutcher, Associate Dean for Human Resources and Faculty Affairs
  • Alyssa Ferree, Assistant Dean for Student and Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Scott Fendorf, Senior Associate Dean for Integrative Initiatives
  • Jonathan Payne, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Lynn Hildemann, Senior Associate Dean for Education 

Additional DEI leaders

Associate Chairs for Diversity and Inclusion (ACDI)

More faculty DEI leaders

  • Page Chamberlain, Professor of Geological Sciences
    Stanford's principal investigator for the NSF Research University Alliance
  • Jerry Harris, Professor Emeritus Geophysics
    OMA founder, DEI champion