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Community Awards

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Congratulations to our faculty, students, and postdocs who have won awards for their research, teaching, and scholarship. 

2022-23 academic year

Name Award Department(s)
Greg Deierlein Honorary Member of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Civil & Environmental Engineering
Anat Admati Jeakicke Faculty Award Environmental Behavioral Sciences, Graduate School of Business
Anat Admati Wilbur Cross medal Environmental Behavioral Sciences, Graduate School of Business
Patricia Bromley Academy of Management Annals "Decade Award" Environmental Behavioral Sciences, Education
Jon Krosnick Malinda S. Mitchell Award for Service Environmental Behavioral Sciences, Communication, Political Science
Anne Dekas NSF Career Award Earth System Science, Oceans
Barbara Simpson NSF Career Award Civil & Environmental Engineering
Erik Sperling NSF Career Award Geological Sciences
Jenny Suckale NSF Career Award Geophysics
Jack Baker Named editor of Earthquake Spectra Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jack Baker William B. Joyner Lecture Award Civil & Environmental Engineering
Anne Kiremidjian 2023 Thomas Egleston Medal Civil & Environmental Engineering
Rosemary Knight Engineering News-Record 2022 Top 25 newsmakers Geophysics, Earth System Science
Rosamund Naylor AAAS Fellow Global Environmental Policy
Tony Kovscek Elected to the National Academy of Engineering Energy Science and Engineering
Anirudh Allam EEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology Outstanding Paper Award PhD and Postdoc in the lab of Simona Onori, Energy Science and Engineering
Alexandra Konings

2023 Sloan Research Fellow

Earth System Science

If you don't see an award listed here please reach out to