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Develop your understanding and empathy through reading

Check out our extensive reading lists, developed in collaboration with Branner Earth Sciences Library, on a variety of DEI topics.

How to talk about social and racial justice

We recognize the importance of recognizing all forms of identity and addressing issues of racial and social justice.

Land Acknowledgement

A land acknowledgment is a traditional custom in many Native communities and nations to show respect to the people of the land since time immemorial.

Inclusive spaces in academia

Academia has been characterized as an “ivory tower” because of its elitism and disconnection with the reality of many communities around the world.

The faculty role

The role of faculty and staff creating welcoming spaces for students and peers is crucial in the development of a sense of belonging that can help individuals to thrive in academic settings.

Community Engagement

Meaningful community engagement can take several forms, from culturally responsive outreach to community-based participatory research.

Environmental Justice

All forms of environmental justice encompass an issue of social justice.

Gender equity and anti-harassment resources

Resources to address hostile actions towards women and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Honoring multiple identities

A compilation of multiple resources including readings, community, wellness, and support resources across different identities.

Religious accommodations

Information for faculty, staff, postdocs, and students on religious accommodations and a link to a religious holidays calendar.


If you have any questions about this resource page or would like to contribute, please email José Rubio-Zepeda at

We are actively working on this list, but if you have any suggestions for anti-racist readings or resources for making our institution more inclusive, please let us know.