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Sustainability Decision Making

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We live in a complex world, and sustainability problems in particular involve many interconnected systems and viewpoints. How can you go about making decisions about such impossible challenges? The courses in this certificate program present tools and decision-making frameworks to help understand and navigate complex sustainability problems. By completing this certificate, students will gain practice at systems-level decision making that incorporates technological, environmental, social, and economic factors.  

Learning Objectives


Gain exposure to foundational concepts and frameworks for understanding and navigating complex social-environmental systems by taking [required course]. 


Apply decision making frameworks and tools to practice systems-level decision making by taking two elective courses. Identify interconnections between environmental, social, and economic factors that need to be considered when making decisions about sustainability within the current economic system.


Grapple with real issues through a project or case-study based course. Apply knowledge and skills about decision making and from the students’ primary degree to complete a course-related project.