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Sustainability Graduate Certificates

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The Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability (SDSS) sustainability graduate certificates provide a platform for current graduate students across the University to engage with and learn about sustainability topics outside of their primary course of study. Taking courses toward a certificate will help students begin making connections between sustainability concepts and their primary degree. The primary audience are masters- and PhD- students without background in sustainability, but with an interest in learning more.

Learning objectives

See yourself as part of sustainability conversations and actions.

  • LEARN fundamentals of sustainability
  • CONNECT science and society
  • ACT through project-based experiences

Program format

Complete 4 courses

  • 1 "core" course
  • 3 electives from a list of options, 1 must be a “project based” course
    Note: the course options draws upon coursework that spans the entire SDSS, recognizing expertise and scholarship in any one area spans multiple disciplines.

You must successfully complete all courses and have a 3.0 or B average GPA at time of application to receive a certificate. Courses with missing, incomplete, in progress, or failing grades do not count toward the certificate requirements.


Climate Change

Gain knowledge about causes and societal implications of climate change, and develop skills to help assess consequences and possible actions. 

Sustainable Energy

Learn about energy systems and grapple with real energy challenges.

Sustainability Decision Making

Coming soon! Look at the world as an interconnected system and apply frameworks to think through tough sustainability decisions.

Fill out this Interest Form if you would like to pursue one of the certificate programs. 


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