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Research supported by industrial affiliates programs

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Industrial Affiliates Programs provide a mechanism for multiple faculty and multiple companies to discuss and explore broad research topics, including areas critical for transitioning to more sustainable practices in the world.

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Below you can read a selection of recent stories about the research and scholars supported by these programs within the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability. For more information about individual programs, their members, funding levels, and research focus areas see our list of affiliates programs and the individual program websites.

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Better batteries Energy transition Monitoring methane leaks Equity and justice Sustainable finance Understanding Earth's processes Carbon capture

Better batteries

Mineral-X alumni start ExploreTech to build platform for collaboration and data science


Energy transition

Cities can follow Stanford’s energy makeover to cut emissions of carbon dioxide affordably, new study finds

SESI power plant

Bits & Watts

Coordination could spare billions in grid upgrade costs and accelerate electrification

Transmission lines

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Stanford scientists locate nearly all U.S. solar panels by applying machine learning to a billion satellite images

Rooftops with solar panels

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100% renewables doesn’t equal zero-carbon energy, and the difference is growing

Jacques de Chalendar and Prof. Sally Benson

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How to predict and manage EV charging growth to keep electricity grids reliable and affordable

A woman holding a cell phone waits for an electric car to charge

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Monitoring methane leaks

Sustainable Finance

Equity and justice

$1.2 million for two new Stanford research projects on energy/climate AI and environmental justice

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Understanding Earth's processes

Carbon capture