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Our impact

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From idea to impact

The Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability powers excellence across all areas of scholarship that, together, are crucial for advancing the long-term prosperity of the planet. Its distinctive three-part structure is designed to amplify global impact.

Across our activities we are embedding equity, access, and inclusion and a commitment to generating solutions that benefit all people, especially those most harmed by climate change and environmental damage.

Arun Majumdar
Inaugural Dean, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

“Climate and sustainability are the defining issues of the 21st century. Arguably, there is no other issue that is more important that will affect humanity and the planet.”

Our progress

In light of the scale and urgency of challenges facing us today, the school has focused our first year on key priorities of sustainability scholarship, education, and impact.

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Looking ahead

The school launched in September 2022 with an ambitious vision and a strong foundation, but there’s more to come. In the months and years ahead, we expect to:

  • Hire as many as 60 new faculty in critical areas of research including climate science, energy, and environmental justice.
  • Develop new academic departments and additional degree programs where students at all levels can pursue their passions and develop skills to be part of solutions.
  • Form a new Institute for Sustainable Societies, which will add critical new attention to issues of institutional and economic infrastructure, and the politics of transitioning to more sustainable ways of life. 
  • Create a global network of collaborators who will provide knowledge and expertise to ensure our Accelerator teams generate solutions at scale.
  • Fund additional teams working toward tangible results, either through institute seed grants or Accelerator grants.
  • Create an inclusive culture that values the diversity our community.
  • Carry out research and education in an equitable way.

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Global impact

Our scholars work with collaborators in our own community and globally to understand challenges and generate solutions at scale.

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Understanding extreme heat's impact on labor

Farmworkers harvest and haul produce in a green field

Stanford experts explain extreme heat’s impacts on workplace risks, marginalized communities, and the economy.

A living lab

The Doerr School of Sustainability is grounded in Stanford's ambitious sustainability goals, particularly around renewable energy, water use, and waste. This work is driven by the university's Office of Sustainability.

Learn about the living lab


Campus electricity from renewable sources

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Rating through STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System)

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Students, faculty, and staff committed to personal action

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Get involved

Stanford has made an enduring commitment to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges. You can help.

  • Find a degree program: Explore pathways for prospective students.
  • Become a partner: Learn about opportunities for local, regional, and global partners.
  • Explore alumni resources: Browse alumni events, mentorship opportunities, and more.
  • Share your expertise: Join the diverse group of experts who are helping to evaluate project proposals, foster connections, and mentor teams through the Sustainability Accelerator.
  • Find K-12 resources: Explore free teaching resources, workshops, virtual field trips, and curricula designed to help students understand Earth, climate change, and environmental sciences.
  • Expand your knowledge: Browse online courses, certificate programs, and other opportunities for professional development.
  • Support our work: Philanthropy will play a critical role in our efforts to catalyze new knowledge and accelerate solutions. Learn about giving opportunities.
  • Get in touch: Send us an email or sign up for one of our newsletters.

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