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Sustainable Energy

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One of the biggest levers for climate change mitigation is to massively transform our global energy systems, while also fulfilling everyone’s need for energy access. Through completing this certificate, you will become familiar with fundamental energy concepts and build awareness of interconnected systems, which will help you become involved in solving real energy challenges in the future. 

Learning objectives


Gain exposure to fundamentals of energy science and systems by taking CEE/ENERGY 207A. 


Identify interconnections between technical, social, economic, and/or political dimensions of the energy system. Apply energy fundamentals in interdisciplinary or problem-solving contexts by taking three elective courses.  


Grapple with real energy issues through a project-based course. Apply knowledge and skills about energy systems and from the students’ primary degree to complete a course-related project. 


You must complete the core course and 3 elective courses from the list below. 1 elective must be a project based course. 

Reminder: All courses must be taken for at least 3 units. You cannot receive credit towards the program requirements for repeated courses or courses counted towards your graduate degree

Core course

Elective courses

Course Title Project based
CEE 176A Energy Efficient Buildings  
CEE 207R Extreme Energy Efficiency  
CEE 219 Geothermal Energy Development & its Role in Decarbonizing the Electrical Grid  
CEE 226E Techniques and Methods for Decarbonized and Energy Efficient Building Design ✔️
CEE 256 Building Systems Design & Analysis ✔️
CEE 272R Engineering Future Electricity Systems ✔️
CEE 273S Electricity Economics  
CEE 276B 100% Clean Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything  
CEE 330 Racial Equity in Energy  
CEE 330B Quest for an Inclusive Clean Energy Economy  
EARTHSYS 213 Hacking for Climate and Sustainability ✔️
ECON 256 Energy Markets and Policy  
ECON 261 The Engineering Economics of Electricity Markets  
ENERGY 203 Stanford Climate Ventures ✔️
ENERGY 204 Sustainable Energy for 9 Billion  
ENERGY 263 Sustainable Energy Decisions  
ENERGY 269 Geothermal Reservoir Engineering  
ENERGY 271 Energy Infrastructure, Technology and Economics  
ENERGY 291 Optimization of Energy Systems ✔️
ENERGY 201B Fundamentals of Energy Processes  
ENERGY 201C Energy Storage and Conversion Systems: Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Batteries  
LAW 2503 Energy Law  
SUSTAIN 101A Decision Making for Sustainable Energy  
SUSTAIN 210 Justice 40 Policy Lab ✔️
SUSTAIN 376 Startup Garage: Design (Ecopreneurship) ✔️

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