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DEI recognition

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The DEI office recognizes three categories of long-term contribution to inclusion and equity by members of our community.

These include students and postdocs who have made outstanding individual contributions, leadership exemplified by organized groups, and the collective efforts of other individuals through a variety of initiatives across campus. 

We thank you all for your long-term dedication and leadership!

Three students smiling together

Recognition categories

Recognition for outstanding individual DEI efforts

  • Lauren Abrahams (DIG instructor, DEI student/postdoc working group, SURGE evaluator, school recruiter)
  • Folasade Ayoola  (BEGSA, DEI student/postdoc working group, SERGE)
  • Ayoade Balogun (EJ working group, Associated Students of Stanford University, Environmental Justice and Sustainability Committee)
  • Callum Bobb (RiSE group)
  • Emily Cardarelli (DIG class founder, Geokids, school recruitment)
  • Nancy Chang (EJ working group, Students for Environmental and Racial Justice, Stanford Food Recovery)
  • Sami Chen (school recruiter, RiSE group, DEI student/postdoc working group)
  • Cansu Culha (URGE pod leader)
  • Cherie DeVore (URGE pod, Indigenous Frameworks event, DEI student/postdoc working group)
  • Katerina Gonzales (DIG Class founder)
  • David J.X. Gonzalez (Shades of Green, EJ Group, Nuestra Casa, DEI student/postdoc working group, SURGE mentor)
  • Aria Hamann Duncan (school recruiter, URGE pod, SURGE application evaluator, Geokids)
  • Heidi Hirsh (RiSE group, school recruiter)
  • Elizabeth Johnston (RiSE group)
  • Hannah Joy-Warren (RiSE group)
  • Bennett J. Kapili (RiSE group)
  • Colette Kelly (RiSE group, Geokids, school recruiter, faculty search student panel)
  • Emily Lacroix (URGE pod leader, Geokids) 
  • Christopher LeBoa (EJ working group and EJ minor, Stanford Food Recovery)
  • Amina Ly (BGSA, DEI student/postdoc working group, Assistant Director Search)
  • Marisa Mayer (RiSE group)
  • Karissa Pepin(Faculty Search, DEI student/postdoc working group)
  • Anna Rasmussen (RiSE group and Faculty Search, Geokids)
  • Bianca Santos (EJ group, DEI student leaders summer working group)
  • Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong (DEI student/postdoc working group and Assistant Director Search)
  • Aaron Steelquist (school recruiter, SURGE 2020 mentor, SURGE application evaluator, URGE pod)
  • Chris Tan (EJ working group, Students for a Sustainable Stanford, Students for Environmental and Racial Justice)
  • Bradley Tolar (school recruiter, Postdoc advisory committee, Geokids)
  • Shersingh Joseph Tumber-Dávila (Pertenecer, ConCiencia, Geokids, school recruitment, Faculty Search, Assistant Director Search, DIG instructor, DEI student/postdoc working group)

Recognition for outstanding group DEI efforts

  • The Environmental Justice Working Group (EJWG). The EJWG at Stanford is an intergenerational collective working to embed environmental justice into our research, teaching, and community engagement at Stanford.
  • The RiSE Group (Respect in Stanford Earth)
  • The school URGE Pods (Unlearning Racism in Geoscience)

Recognition for collective action through the following programs

  • AGEP-NSF Research University Alliance
  • Associate Chairs for Diversity and Inclusion committee
  • Communications and Web Design
  • Dean’s Graduate Scholars Committee
  • DIG class and We DIG it group
  • DEI student and postdoc working group
  • ESYS DEI action plan and advisory group
  • EJ Courses
  • Geokids, Fieldwork and Outreach
  • Graduate admissions and fee waivers
  • Young Investigators
  • IDEAL faculty council
  • IDEAL recruitment and dashboard portal pilot program
  • New school community focus group team
  • Recruitment
  • Respectful Community committee
  • Stanford Earth Celebrates events
  • DEI action plan leadership committee
  • School faculty search committee
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship committee
  • SURGE program

Collective Action

A female earth sciences professor speaks outdoors to a group of female students

Thank you to students, postdocs, staff, faculty, and alumni for your contributions and participation!

Recognized individuals