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Graduate education is central to Stanford’s mission of training future leaders and problem solvers. Funding graduate students is also one of the fastest ways to advance scientific discovery, which most often emerges from the interactions of the students and their faculty advisors.

The Sustainability Matching Program will match the following gifts of endowment to support graduate students. Endowed fellowships exist in perpetuity and may be established in the donors’ own names or in the names of others whom they wish to honor.

Named, Endowed Graduate Fellowships ($1.5 million)

These fellowships are the vital mechanism by which Stanford can attract the most talented students to Stanford and support them once they are here.

A gift of $1.5 million will receive a $500,000 match to create a $2 million endowment that supports at least one graduate student each year. 

Named, Endowed Master’s Fellowships ($375,000)

Stanford undergraduates may apply to stay for an extra year to earn a co-terminal master’s degree, but need-based financial aid does not extend to graduate study. Other students come to Stanford only for a master’s and are not eligible for PhD-focused funding. These fellowships help to equalize opportunity and widen the onramp to graduate education.

A gift of $375,000 will receive a $125,000 match to create a $500,000 endowment that supports at least one master’s student each year.

See how fellowship support has helped launch the high impact sustainability careers of these students and alumni.

A National Profile

Kate Brauman

Kate Brauman, PhD '10
“I’m in a position to take all of this amazing research that’s happening in academia, interpreting it, translating it, and getting it out in the world.”

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Open Ocean Food Webs

Elan Portner. Photo courtesy of Elan Portner

Elan Portner, PhD ’19 
“My goal is that this work will improve the ecosystem models used to manage our marine resources.”

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Understanding Earth’s Interior

Hong Yang, PhD '23
"These experiments really are the closest we can get to understanding what the Earth’s interior is like and how the high pressure affects materials.”

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Climate, Conservation, and Policy

Nicole Buckley Biggs. Photo courtesy of Nicole Buckley Biggs

Nicole Buckley Biggs, PhD '22
“One of my goals is to better connect my solar research to what conservation groups are doing."

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Decoding Earth’s Instability

Cansu Culha. Photo courtesy of Cansu Culha

Cansu Culha, PhD ’22
“I get to unravel the meaning behind these patterns.”

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Clean, Reliable Energy

Kevin Moy. Photo courtesy of Kevin Moy

Kevin Moy, '14, MS '15, PhD '23
“My goal is to help supply vulnerable communities with clean, reliable energy."

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