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Increasing awareness

Denley Delaney
(Photo credit: Claire Miles, BS '17, MS '18)

Denley Delaney

BS ’17, MS ’18
Earth Systems Program

Denley Delaney, ’17, MA ’18, began making documentary films as an ocean-loving youth growing up in The Bahamas. She took up scuba diving at age 11 and wanted to share the marine life and habitats she was seeing with her parents, who fished and boated with the family but didn’t dive.

As an Earth Systems major in the oceans and climate track, Delaney learned more about the physical, biological, and chemical underpinnings of the ocean system that are so vital to the economic and environmental security of The Bahamas.

After a summer internship at National Geographic, she returned to Stanford to complete her Coterminal MA in the Earth Systems environmental communications program. “I hope to use science communication and documentary film to increase awareness of the importance of the environment and to inspire curiosity about the natural world in which we live,” she said.

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