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Julia Novy speaks at TEDxStanford

Julia Novy discussed new forms of leadership in the context of sustainability.

Julia Novy spoke at TEDxStanford on May 13 about the new type of leader that the world needs to successfully lead change for sustainability. She contrasted the traditional approach to leadership with the mindset of the new leader, outlining the importance of understanding complexity, having a strong sense of purpose, and more.

Novy is a professor of the practice and co-director of the Sustainability Science and Practice Master’s Program at Stanford’s Doerr School of Sustainability. As executive director of the school’s Change Leadership for Sustainability Program, she oversees curriculum development and leads the Strategies for Sustainability professional education program.

Stanford’s TEDx event is an independent offshoot of the annual Technology, Entertainment and Design conference dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.” Since its inception in 1984, TED has helped to democratize information by posting all its talks free online.

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