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Faculty forum talks

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Our faculty explain their research and findings in talks without jargon.  Less than 16 minutes each, these were presented live in the TedX style.

Jim Leape, Managing for Healthy Oceans

Inês Azevedo, Sustainable, Decarbonized and Equitable Energy Systems

Jane Willenbring, Gone with the Wind (and Water and Waves)

Steven Gorelick, Freshwater Sustainability

Paula Welander, Deciphering difficult histories to build a sustainable future

Pamela Matson, Thinking about scale and transformative change

Bill Barnett, Leading Sustainable Innovation by Design

Rosemary Knight, Geophysics for Groundwater Science and Management: Changing the Scale to Scale the Impact

Steve Palumbi, The Sixth Recovery: How new technology helps avoid extinction from climate change

Thomas Jaramillo, Developing New Processes to Produce Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals

Will Tarpeh, Reimagining Wastewater for Circular Chemical Manufacturing

Marshall Burke, Social and Economic Impacts of Environmental Change

Dustin Schroeder, Exploring the Subsurface Processes of Ice Sheets and Icy Moons with Ice Penetrating Radar

Gretchen C. Daily, Valuing Nature for Transformation 

Will Chueh, Building Better Batteries Faster 

Mathieu Lapôtre, Planets as Full-Scale Experiments 

Rodolfo Dirzo, Biodiversity Loss 

Sarah Fletcher, Adaptive Management for Resilient Water Systems 

Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Sustainable Adaptation