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Teaching & Mentoring

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As a scholar, part of your fundamental skill set is becoming an effective teacher and mentor. Your ability to apply instructional pedagogies, assessment methods, and create inclusive learning environments will translate beyond the classroom to any organizational setting.


  1. Understand various ways of learning, teaching, and mentoring – the science of how people learn.
  2. Articulate the ways in which teaching and mentoring skills can be applied in novel contexts.
  3. Structure or design learning and advising experiences in effective and inclusive ways. 
  4. Build awareness of your own teaching and mentoring abilities, interests, and skills.
  5. Reflect on teaching and mentoring practices, evaluate their effectiveness, revise and iterate as needed.

Suggested framework



Portfolio Piece

  • Prepare a teaching, teaching philosophy, or mentoring statement
  • Develop a syllabus for a course or lesson plan for a teaching demo
  • Collect student and mentee letters of recommendation  

One and done alternatives (complete one of the programs below for credit for this pillar):